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Tom Demark

This article interest me as it does makes sense when you tried to follow a trend following system with 2 HHHL, you might be buying into a trend making it’s last leg up according to Elliot Wave. And this is where you should be selling before the corrective wave starts coming.

While for him, he seems contrarian with ability to compute EW without arbitrary decision, which is what I’m looking for. Currently, I find that combining trendline, RSI, Stochastic, MACD and CCI seems to be able to produce some good trades. However without taking note into which wave count, it might be possible that a signal can be triggered while it’s on 2nd corrective up wave and having to endure the 3rd wave, the longest and largest wave, down. This is a really sick feeling to be in.

With Larry Williams giving him the approval, his system will be in my list of research trading system. Currently reading on High Probability Trading, which is has a rather unique system incorporating certain logic of EW.

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