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Being cautious

It has been a year I’ve invested/trade and it has been a wonderful experience going through the ups and downs of the market magnified with ups and downs of relationship.

There are times where I’m just like the one inside the roller coaster with eyes wide open and not knowing what to do.

Investing is also applicable to how a person handle his life. How hard a trader is willing to go through to admit his mistake and cut loss? Is it due to ego or fear?

How difficult it is to click the buy button when the market is so fearful? How easy it is to simply bo chap due to fear and later miss out the opportunity with the perfect setup.

How anyone know himself well that under what condition can he perform well?

Stock market is so fickle minded that one has to be always on the alert, always learning and always humble.

Can anyone predict the market correctly? Probably to a certain extent but never forever RIGHT. And hence one should always treat market as a side line rather than being too focus on it.

Personally for me, I realised my temperamental suits more of a swing to trend trader. Initially tried contra and realized my emotional aspect don’t quite allow me to flourish in this style.

This current new uptrend is suspected because of the deja vu experience with the Jan/Feb of 2010. Later in the late noon, I will be attending Chartnexus traders fest. This week movement is really really strong and I’d enter more on the market but currently I choose now to but to ride the 2 stocks I’ve newly added since STI broke 2800. Really a deja vu experience if the trainers are bearish about it, monday STI move up strongly in a single day to kill the shortist and starts a major correction.

Hopefully my intuition is wrong.

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