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Deep and surface learning

The features of Deep and Surface approaches can be summarised thus:

Deep Surface
Focus is on “what is signified” Focus is on the “signs” (or on the learning as a signifier of something else)
Relates previous knowledge to new knowledge Focus on unrelated parts of the task
Relates knowledge from different courses Information for assessment is simply memorised
Relates theoretical ideas to everyday experience Facts and concepts are associated unreflectively
Relates and distinguishes evidence and argument Principles are not distinguished from examples
Organises and structures content into coherent whole Task is treated as an external imposition
Emphasis is internal, from within the student Emphasis is external, from demands of assessment

(based on Ramsden, 1988)

Other useful link for learning:

  1. Accelerated Learning
  2. Deeper Learning
  3. The natural step
  4. Brain Rules and extra(page 91,104,112)
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