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Busy week

These few weeks are a killer as I’ve not been able to be in touch with the real world (stock market). Though I often get a glimpse after I get home though it’s often too tired to write about anything.

Singapore has achieved a sterling record 18.8% GDP growth. What does it mean to the people here? Inflation will be on everyone mind especially when most pay does not go in line with the GDP growth and yet food become more and more expensive. This inflation has been aided by our currency valuation. If not, you might see a even drastic increase in price. The funny thing is when there’s recession price doesn’t drop but when economy recovers, everyone tries to up their price through various schemes.

Stock market has only grow 1%. STI has met a formidable resistance of 3000. I will remind myself not to buy stocks anywhere near that again. Simply pissed at myself for not having the discipline. But with further plans ahead, I will be cutting down on stock purchase as the current situation does not warrant a good enough safety of margin either with stock price or STI (which is a derivative of STI 30 components). Feeling like shooting myself in the foot again.

Noble seems to be forming a double bottom with the descending trendline in play. It will need to get out of it’s influence before it had the chance to go higher. Olam seems to be forming a head and shoulder pattern. If the support fails than huat ar.

Sembmar and Ezra is at support and within the trend channel. With the current situation, you can try small positions with a cutloss point just nearby.

Peter Lim and Informatics
Informatics has been on the run recently due to Peter Lim increasing stake holding in the company. And if you realize it’s quite impossible to know which company he’s aiming for thus we’ll always be the one pushing up price for him which I don’t encourage. Take a look at healthway and you will understand. Informatics ROE is at 2c EPS while RafflesEdu is at 3c EPS. So why not RafflesEdu?

On the USA
The market is on the downtrend and stocks are very near their support again. Will it be 3rd time lucky? As far as I know, the signs aren’t looking good with unemployment rate shooting up. It’s a fairly poor indicator for economics as it may be because more and more people are coming out know there’s hope in the job market. I’m not bullish on the USA economy as the baby boomer will start their retirement soon and base on historical evidence and logical sense, one shouldn’t be too hopeful either. And the stimulus doesn’t seems to work too well also. With the billions of dollars spent, one wonder if it’s really worth it.

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