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Lightening my position

I will look to exit several position, even cutting loss so as to lighten my load. I’m too heavy and it has been affecting my judgment. Another lesson learnt is not to double up on a losing position.

Looking to hold at most 3 counters. Money in pocket is still better than punting anyhow. I will be exploring several methods of finding good companies by using volume as analysis.

STI is still in a uptrend so do not be alarmed. It’s just that my counter is moving south instead of north. Look to buy on dips. 3040 will be a very important support to monitor.

My Otto Marine seems to be sinking but luckily supported! One research firm saying this counter got very low risk but I prefer to exit if reach my cutloss. Enough is enough. Beo-ing Osim like a leopard.

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