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STI make new high

STI really really resilience and keep making new high despite Dow open +100 and end up -40. During this period, I make the very tough choice of exiting 2 of my losing position and enter IndoAgri. And it works wonder, make money on the first day already. Haha.

The most difficult part of any trade is cutting lost and my principle is if I can exit a lousy position and enter a better one. Why not? At most, I will lose the transaction fee only. Now with several blue chips on hand, makes my sleep better. Indo will target the 2.70 high as mentioned in ShareInv (as part of research only). Once reach will earn me around 20%. With 2 lots of Noble back in my hand, makes quite heavy in the commodities sector already. Wilmar is another I’m aiming for. StraitsAsia is also a can buy. Commo and banking and pushing the index, seems like STI can go higher. Really cheong before Xmas rally?

7 counters is really too much too monitor. It is a sign I did not have a good money management skills: buying too little of individual stocks. I will be looking to reduce to 5 and sell as STI moves higher (aim to exit 2 counters for every entry). STI possible target might be 3300 if this bullishness continues.

I will need 8c from Techcomp or 48c as tp to reach my 20%. With the current situation, it’ll be a tall task as this counter did not have institutional interest. But still good companies and hence maybe it’s just a matter of time.

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