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Investment ideas

  • Capitaland – undervalued
  • Conscience Food Holdings – undervalued
  • Fraser and Neave – unlock value of prop arm
  • Gallant – undervalued

Cheap PE good EPS growth

  • CWT
  • Ezion
  • Pacific Andes
  • PEC
  • Sino Grandness
  • United Envirotech
  • Wheelock
  • Wing Tai

Net purchase/sales by substantial shareholders

  • Amtek – net buy
  • Cambridge Industrial Trust – net sale
  • FirstReit – net buy
  • Guocoleisure – net buy
  • KS Energy – net buy
  • Mewah – net buy
  • San Teh Ltd – net buy

StraitsAsia is going down too fast too furious to 2.4 which is my target entry price. However, the downward movement might be able to breach the long term trend line. Look for reversal candles for entry accompanied with high volume.

In the meantime….

[Beforeitsnews] UN Security Council to meet amid Korean tensions The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said Saturday that the U.N. Security Council will meet Sunday at 1600 GMT on the soaring tensions on the Korean Peninsula, news reports said. Early Saturday, Russia, a permanent council member, requested an emergency meeting which, according to U.S. sources, might have been held as soon Saturday afternoon, AFP said.

All active personnel serving with the Air Force Global Strike Command have been issued a special alert on Dec 18. Air Force Global Strike Command is responsible for deploying Long Range Strategic Bombers including B-52 and B-2 bombers. There are believed to be 30 B-52 and 11 B-2 bombers stationed at Anderson Air Force base on the Island of Guam. The USAF 36th Wing would be used as the main bomber force in advent of a war on the Korean Peninsula. The Amateur radio operator affiliation known as Sky Watchers has been reporting a substantial increase in Air Traffic at Anderson Air Force base since Dec 15. Strategic bombers deployed from Guam would rendezvous with Fighters from the 5th Air Force stationed in Japan before entering a combat area such as North Korea.

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