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Yanlord to follow Capitaland?

Capitaland has made a trend reversal. Can Yanlord follow? Volume is a bit pathetic. If it is too high, I will be quite sceptical with more gains. I want to see healthy volume before the spike. Hopefully it will go up soon. Breaking 1.7 is a must!

p.s: my outlook on property sector esp when China throw another hammer and release news on tightening measure on interest rate again. At the opening of this week, I am surprise by the strength of property sector. Capitaland, Yanlord and Kepland and etc is all green.

My rule of thumb is when a bad news hit the market but the sector is so resilience, it is a good time to take a closer look at sector. Most likely, the market has already factor this news in. So when the expected news is out, market will move in the opposite direction. Of cos, this is no simple task but it is especially good at spotting trend reversal.

This is not a simple sector to invest. Since China will continue to tighten fiscal policy, so the upside might not be as high. It is better to play the Warren Buffet way of finding companies with competitive advantage.


Possible breakout of downtrendline with trend reversal (new high make) in play. And one of the strongest China property play

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