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Noble halted

September 20, 2010 1 comment

To ride the trend how should I position my stop loss? 1.76 should be good enough with many of the tails situated there. It is detrimental to let a winning trade turn out to be a losing one.

RBS and Sempra Energy are reportedly close to a deal to bear their jv N American retail business to Noble Grp, with sale price in the low hundreds of millions of dollars.
Sempra Energy’s CFO highlighted last Thur that a deal should be announced shortly, without providing any details.

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07July2010 Stock Alert

Using MACD 4R1G with good risk reward

  1. Midas
  2. Guocoland
  3. Swiber
  4. First Res
  5. Sembmar
  6. Ezra
  7. ChinaAOil
  8. UOB-KayH
  9. CWT
  10. China XLX
  11. Wingtai
  12. HTL
  13. Capmallsasia
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STI halftime: bearish mode continue

Even with Dow recovering 100 over points, STI currently broke its minor resistance at 2930 and hopefully to be supported at 2900. As of now, the market sentiment has changed from sideway to bearish market as a lower high is in the formation.

Noble just broke its support its support at $3 and is down 9 cents. Such bearish sentiment! So what has went wrong with this counter? The ex-ceo might have his last laugh. So for now the strategy is to stand sideway or wait for a lower high to form before engaging a short.

Property sector seems not able to be supported. Will also go down under if this trend continue. Nan dao its the sell in may and go away phenomenon? It’s a pity since the last rally, it doesn’t went up as much as the other sector. Capitaland is also my shorting target since this counter is also weak  fundamentally.

Daily Alert

STI halftime:

Ho Bee , Yanlord, Genting rebounding.

Analysis on Ho Bee

PE 3.6 EPS 0.457 NAV 1.63

Fundamentally, this stock is very delicious indeed.

Today has made a pivot point accompanied by good volume these 2 days. The downward pointing trendline might be broken soon. Macd Histogram turning up with Stochastic and RSI all pointing up. Put your cutloss point 4% below 1.63

Analysis on Genting SP

NAV 0.354

High volume breakout. Double bottom established. Volatility is coming back. This is a high risk play. Better to wait for 0.91 for resistance turn support.

Analysis on Yanlord

PE 10 EPS 0.167 NAV 1.22

Pivot point with trendline broken. However volume doesn’t look very convincing. RSI, MACD histogram, CCI and Stochastic all turning up. This looks to be a perfect setup though.

My take:

Property sector seems to be supported. Yanlord, Ho Bee, CityDev and Capitaland downward movement seems to be slowing and turning soon. I’m more interested in UOL since this one fundamentally will be one targeted by value investor. This helps to lower my downside risk!

May is coming. After that is world cup. And then government is pressing the property pricing down. It its a tough call whether to continue to stay in this sector.

Alert: AsiaTravel breakout

AsiaTravel breakout from 60.5 cents to 63 cents and it means a trend reversal from down to possibly uptrend.

Halftime: 63 cents holding. Just regretted not willing to buy direct at 60.5 cents. Will it close above this 63 cents.

Full time: regrettably it formed a doji, meaning the next few days might be going to cover the 1.5 cents gap. All other indicators were showing strength. It would mean a better time to enter would be in a few days time subjected to market sentiment

Alert: Tat Hong breakout

Tat Hong breakout to 90.5 cents at noon. If it closes above 90 cents by today, it will be a good confirmation that resistance is broken. Recently newspaper stated that the target price is $1.06. Hope it’s true.


– The Trader –

Alert: Jaya Holding breakout

Jaya Holding up 15 cents t0 71 cents with high volume just at halftime. Ascending triangle formation has been broken.