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HL Asia

Downtrend forming a horizontal base but still within the down channel. Now trading in a tight range of 20 cents. Volume is expanding and hence there might be a good chance that it will break upwards of the horizontal range as well as the downtrending line.

RSI is is moving out of the oversold region. Other indicators like MACD and Stochastic is having a bullish divergence. ADX- is losing momentum but a break below 3 might signal the trend will continue.


Inverse correlation between HYG and SPY!

April 6, 2010 1 comment

There is a diverging correlation between bond and s&p500 now. Looking at this post, we can see it very clearly. Larry Williams has mentioned this as one of the trading strategy.

Why? Because once the stock gets too expensive and bond gets to cheap, people will shift their money from stock to bond. And this is usually true. We shall see something will happen in a month or less.

This has also been mentioned in investment moat.

Otto Marine

Otto marine has been going through 2 weeks of consolidation has finally make a up move yesterday. Bullish indicators bouncing off from RSI, Stochastic crossover as well as MACD histogram pointing up.

This exit from downward channel is also confirmed with high volume. Set your stop loss at 0.455 cents.

Can STI make higher high?

April 5, 2010 1 comment

So someone must have make a April fool joke with a 45+ point drop on Thursday and 55+ point on Friday. So where will STI go next? My previous post is still intact. Double top formation is still possible.

For STI to move higher, it has to break the 2950 resistance convincingly. My daily chart has shown bearish divergence on several indicators. It is even more obvious on the weekly chart. And STI has reached it’s high with the majority of the STI components still lower as compared to the Jan2010 top.

Remember the maxim, keep your losses small and let your profit ride. And buy low sell high.

20100402 sti daily double top with bearish divergence

20100402 sti daily double top with bearish divergence

20100402 sti weekly chart double top bearish divergence

20100402 sti weekly chart double top bearish divergence

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Evidence showing economy is going higher

Look at the the end of the line for every indices, it has shown that Asian market is moving higher with Shanghai and Hang Seng confluence with the market movement in STI. Not to mention, SPY.

20100403 world chart

20100403 world chart

Another good news, is the job data is improving. It seems to have reach the bottom for states.

Alert: Palm oil sets to go higher

April 4, 2010 1 comment

Looking at this link, seems like palm oil will move higher this coming week. Confirmation with different time frame confluence with the same conclusion.

I use this website to get a feel of how the whole palm oil industry is performing. Industry analysis is required to see the bigger picture.

Now everyone is waiting for STI to breakout successfully. During times like this, I wouldn’t recommend breakout strategy. Better to ambush at support.

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Chart: Bottom fishing play

Counters to watch out for 5-9 April. Lets hope STI will continue to push past its resistance.

20100403 sgx chart

20100403 biosensors chart

From Zaobao

20100403 tat hong chart

20100403 tat hong chart

20100403 otto marine chart

20100403 otto marine chart