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US tank!

As of now, Dow has went down 2% and NASDAQ 2.77%! This is what happen when the stock juz go one direction without correction.

If memory did not fail me, I think 20dma and 20wma is broken, it’s good shorting opportunity using trendlines.

Time to look for shorting opportunities! Market might be very violent. Better to keep a tight stop loss. Look for downtrending counter with lower high. Preferably with MACD line before 0.

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STI halftime: bearish mode continue

Even with Dow recovering 100 over points, STI currently broke its minor resistance at 2930 and hopefully to be supported at 2900. As of now, the market sentiment has changed from sideway to bearish market as a lower high is in the formation.

Noble just broke its support its support at $3 and is down 9 cents. Such bearish sentiment! So what has went wrong with this counter? The ex-ceo might have his last laugh. So for now the strategy is to stand sideway or wait for a lower high to form before engaging a short.

Property sector seems not able to be supported. Will also go down under if this trend continue. Nan dao its the sell in may and go away phenomenon? It’s a pity since the last rally, it doesn’t went up as much as the other sector. Capitaland is also my shorting target since this counter is also weak  fundamentally.

Daily: Bear wins

Today STI seems to be moving further down and STI 3000 mark will be a hard resistance to break. Looking at 2930 for minor support. The overall market looks weak. Will be looking into a correction before entering into market. Hopefully it will rest at major support again.

Property market is one of the weakest sector ever since China is hell bent on curbing speculation. But the developers ain’t heeding the advice. Will it be another Obama-Bank situation?

One real surprise is that Noble did not break the $3 mark, which if it happen will face a deep correction. $3 is also the price which the outgoing CEO is being paid for all his stock and options.

Will be looking at the performance of Dow tonight. If it continue to a landslide, the US market will be a very ugly scene to be in since it has been too far away from HOME (20d MA).

Will be looking into down trending counter to short to hedge against the downward movement.

Anyway with this article, seems like things doesn’t look good

May 3 (Bloomberg) — Investor Marc Faber said China’s economy will slow and possibly “crash” within a year as declines in stock and commodity prices signal the nation’s property bubble is set to burst.

The Shanghai Composite Index has failed to regain its 2009 high while industrial commodities and shares of Australian resource exporters are acting “heavy,” Faber said. The opening of the World Expo in Shanghai last week is “not a particularly good omen,” he said, citing a property bust and depression that followed the 1873 World Exhibition in Vienna.

“The market is telling you that something is not quite right,” Faber, the publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom report, said in a Bloomberg Television interview in Hong Kong today. “The Chinese economy is going to slow down regardless. It is more likely that we will even have a crash sometime in the next nine to 12 months.”

An index tracking Chinese stocks traded in Hong Kong dropped 1.8 percent today, the most in two weeks, after the central bank raised reserve requirements for the third time this year. The Shanghai Composite has slumped 12 percent this year, Asia’s worst performer, as policy makers seek to rein in a lending boom that’s spurred record gains in property prices. China’s markets are shut for a holiday today.


Alert: AsiaTravel breakout

AsiaTravel breakout from 60.5 cents to 63 cents and it means a trend reversal from down to possibly uptrend.

Halftime: 63 cents holding. Just regretted not willing to buy direct at 60.5 cents. Will it close above this 63 cents.

Full time: regrettably it formed a doji, meaning the next few days might be going to cover the 1.5 cents gap. All other indicators were showing strength. It would mean a better time to enter would be in a few days time subjected to market sentiment

Alert: Tat Hong breakout

Tat Hong breakout to 90.5 cents at noon. If it closes above 90 cents by today, it will be a good confirmation that resistance is broken. Recently newspaper stated that the target price is $1.06. Hope it’s true.


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Divergence continue

Divergence on several indicators continue to show on properties, marine, commodities and finance sector. Stocks have to go higher to negate the effect of divergence

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Alert: Jaya Holding breakout

Jaya Holding up 15 cents t0 71 cents with high volume just at halftime. Ascending triangle formation has been broken.