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Daily Alert

STI halftime:

Ho Bee , Yanlord, Genting rebounding.

Analysis on Ho Bee

PE 3.6 EPS 0.457 NAV 1.63

Fundamentally, this stock is very delicious indeed.

Today has made a pivot point accompanied by good volume these 2 days. The downward pointing trendline might be broken soon. Macd Histogram turning up with Stochastic and RSI all pointing up. Put your cutloss point 4% below 1.63

Analysis on Genting SP

NAV 0.354

High volume breakout. Double bottom established. Volatility is coming back. This is a high risk play. Better to wait for 0.91 for resistance turn support.

Analysis on Yanlord

PE 10 EPS 0.167 NAV 1.22

Pivot point with trendline broken. However volume doesn’t look very convincing. RSI, MACD histogram, CCI and Stochastic all turning up. This looks to be a perfect setup though.

My take:

Property sector seems to be supported. Yanlord, Ho Bee, CityDev and Capitaland downward movement seems to be slowing and turning soon. I’m more interested in UOL since this one fundamentally will be one targeted by value investor. This helps to lower my downside risk!

May is coming. After that is world cup. And then government is pressing the property pricing down. It its a tough call whether to continue to stay in this sector.


Alert: Tat Hong breakout

Tat Hong breakout to 90.5 cents at noon. If it closes above 90 cents by today, it will be a good confirmation that resistance is broken. Recently newspaper stated that the target price is $1.06. Hope it’s true.


– The Trader –

Half time: 2950 to hold?

Watch out for 2950 as a important level to hold for uptrend to continue. Currently at 2952. Since morning after a spike, the market seems to come down from 2962. Downward movement seems to be slowing down. Today STI is following more closely to Nikkei movement.

Post market analysis

It’s unbelievable that STI has broken 2950 so convincingly except for the minor scare in noon. We need few more days to ascertain the market movement.